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The Healthcare Leadership Academy

To have more skilled managers is a necessity to address the challenges facing healthcare. In few other societal sectors is leadership as complex and challenging – healthcare leaders must handle demands for results and efficiency while simultaneously managing medical operations where the ability to prioritize and make ethical judgments is constantly tested.

The Healthcare Leadership Academy is an initiative to strengthen leadership in healthcare and research. Our vision is for healthcare to be one of the societal sectors recognized for having the best leaders. We aim to foster an environment where aspiring leaders receive clear mandates, are evaluated, and rewarded for success. We seek to make it appealing to become a leader in healthcare.

The Healthcare Leadership Academy was founded in 2011 and is a non-profit foundation aimed at strengthening leadership in healthcare and research. The foundation operates in various ways to enhance leadership in healthcare:

  • We conduct an annual Leadership and Mentoring Program for 20-25 leaders in Swedish healthcare.
  • We annually award prizes to Future Leaders.
  • We organize the Healthcare Leadership Day every year, gathering prominent leaders in the healthcare sector.

The foundation was initially established by Michaël Berglund AB, Boston Consulting Group, and Dagens Medicin. In 2019, Boston Consulting Group and Dagens Medicin withdrew their involvement, and as of 2020, Michaël Berglund AB leads and develops the Leadership and Mentoring Program on behalf of the academy and its board.

To learn more about the Healthcare Leadership Academy, please contact Karolina Sidwall using the contact information below.

The Board of Directors

Birgir Jakobsson, chairman

Birgir Jakobsson has throughout his career worked as a Chief Operating Officer and Division Chief at Huddinge Hospital Pediatric Clinic. He has also served as Hospital Director at Capio st Göran’s Hospital and Karolinska University Hospital.

Birgir has been an advisor to the Minister of Health and Hospitals in Iceland, where he has, among other things, worked on developing a healthcare strategy for Iceland until the year 2030. The strategy was approved by the Althingi in June 2019.

Birgir Jakobsson received his medical degree from the University of Iceland in 1975. He is a specialist in pediatrics and obtained his PhD from Karolinska Institutet, and since 1998, Birgir has been an associate professor at KI. 

Michaël Berglund

Michaël Berglund has spent most of his career working with executive search and board training at Michaël Berglund AB. Before that he worked as a doctor at Gävle Hospital and Karolinska University Hospital, as well as a owner and CEO of  Snöresor. 

He has served on boards of, among others, the Medical Assocation of Karolinska Institutet, Karolinska Institutet´s Alumni Council. Michaël has chaired the nomination committee for Stockholms Sjukhem and Sophiahemmet. He is also a member of the Unlimited Travel Group (publ). 

Michaël Berglund studied at the university of California, Berkeley and Karolinska Institutet and is a medical doctor. 

Christophe Pedroletti

Christophe Pedroletti is the CEO of Danderyd Hospital. Previously, he served as CEO of Södertälje Hospital and, before that, as head of the Academic Children’s Hospital.

He has held various managerial positions since 2004, including at Karolinska University Hospital and Academic Hospital in Uppsala.

Christophe has a background as a pediatrician, allergist, and researcher, and has been involved in the development of new methodologies for the diagnosis and treatment of asthma.

Kenth Nauclér

Kenth Nauclér has been associate diractor for Arbetsgivaralliansen for 15 years. Before that he was head in negotiating of Vårdförbundet. He has over 30 years of experience in senior positions. 

He has been the goverment´s special investigator of specialist nurse education. 

Kenth is currently boardchairman in Röda Korsets collage. Kenth is a registered nurse specializing in psychiatry. He has also studied law at Stockholms University. 

Ann Söderström

Ann Söderström is the Hospital Director of Carlanderska Hospital.

Ann is a physician, specialized in infectious diseases, and has extensive experience in various leadership positions in healthcare, most recently as the Health and Hospital Director in VGR.

Ann believes in governing with trust, meaning that we must trust those who are out in the operations and that they are capable of solving problems in various ways.

Johan Brun

Johan Brun is the CMO at Sobrera Pharma. He has been a senior medical advisor at LIF, the Swedish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry. Prior to this, he was the medical director at Pfizer for 13 years and before that, he was a director at AstraZeneca in Södertälje (1999 to 2006).

Johan is a specialist in general medicine and worked for 25 years in county council healthcare, serving as the operations manager in primary care towards the end of that period.

Johan participates in external projects related to ongoing pandemic research and also digital healthcare projects. Johan has been a mentor since the program’s inception.


Karolina Sidwall, Head of Operations

Karolina Sidwall has extensive experience in the healthcare sector. She has held senior positions at Karolinska University Hospital and Uppsala University Hospital, as well as assignments for the Stockholm Region. She also has many years of experience from several pharmaceutical companies, where she has held senior sales and marketing roles.

Karolina has an academic background with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Uppsala University.

Mail: karolina.sidwall@vardensledarskapsakademi.se
Phone: 070-611 34 30

Alexandra Cassano, administration

Alexandra Cassano holds the role of program assistant for the foundation and simultaneously works as an Office Manager at Michaël Berglund’s. With experience from the service industry, she most recently comes from a position as an office assistant at a medical technology company.

Alexandra has studied at Tärnaby Alpine High School and has competed at an elite level in alpine skiing.

Email: alexandra.cassano@vardensledarskapsakademi.se
Phone: +46 76-517 55 04