The Academy in the pandemic

The Academy program is continuing through the covid-19 pandemic, although in new ways. In the beginning of April participants met on-line to discuss issues like “How do we lead effectively in a crisis?” and “How has my leadership developed through the pandemic?”

In May we were able to offer an on-line workshop with dr Brian Donley, CEO of Cleveland Clinic London. Dr Donley discussed Clinician Leadership and generously shared Cleveland’s leadership model and his own development/interest in leadership.

We hope to be back to normal operations with meeting during the fall semester. In the meantime we are happy to continue facilitating collegial sharing and leadership insights with our participants.

Second academy meeting 2020

On March 4-5 we held this years second meeting with the theme “From strategy to practise”. Day 1, hosted by the National Board of Health together with three other national government bodies gave an interesting perspective on the regulatory framework. On Day 2 we travelled to Norrtälje to visit Tiohundra AB, which provide an amalgam of local and regional government healthcare and related services in one organization. A warm thanks to all parties who made this an interesting meeting!

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First academy meeting 2020

Thanks to all for an energizing start to this year’s academy! This week our 18 participants and their mentors gathered at Bosön outside of Stockholm for a two day boost in leadership, group dynamics and motivation with among others Erik Strand and our boxing world champion Anna Laurell. Many thanks to all who participated!

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2019 in review

The past year has been eventfull for the Academy, we have strengthened the board with new competence. Ann-Marie Begler, Kent Nauclér, Stefan Bergh and Birgir Jakobsson has have joined the board during the course of the year. Our Mentor- and Management programme has had another successful year with 29 participants from Swedish health care and was finalized with graduation in conjunction with the Leadership Day in December. We welcome 29 new alumni to our network!

Starting 2020 the programme name will change to Leadership- and Mentor programme, which better reflects the contents of the programme. The focus of the programme will be on meetings with active leaders in health care, combined with input from systemic regulators, international outlook, inspiring and practical work shops and an own mentorship relation with a respected leader in health care.

The Leadership Day and awards ceremony for Future Leader of the year took place at the Karolinska Institute. We congratulate this year’s winner Andreas Kling.

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