Leadership and Mentoring programme

Leadership and Mentoring programme

Our Leadership and Mentoring programme is the core of the Academy. Every year we bring together some twenty leaders in health care for 12-15 days of intensive learning and networking spread out over a year.

The programme aims to inspire interest, provide the tools and influence conditions for better leadership in Swedish health care. All participants get a one-to-one mentorship relation with a senior leader in health care or research. Space for discussions and is important in the programme. All participants have several years of experience in leadership positions in health care.

The program is based on visits to interesting health care and research institutions, lectures and workshops with experienced leaders from health care and other areas. During the course of the year we will add to your “Leadership Tool Box”, explore the regulatory environment; gaps, overlaps, good care and workflow, discuss different forms of ownership, recruitment, project management and transformation processes.

The program also includes a study trip abroad. This year we are going to Iceland, at the invitation of the Icelandic Ministry of Health. Iceland is an interesting melting pot of different medical traditions since the country to a large extent relies on health professionals that has trained and worked abroad.

My motivation as a leader in health care is to make a difference to those we are here for – the patients”

Karin Ekelund, divisionschef, Skånevård KRYH

Participants in the Leadership- and Mentoringprogramme 2020 are:

Anna Ericsson, Chief Nurse, Karolinska University Hospital
Gustav Forss, Chief Nurse, Södertälje Hospital
Johanna Johansson, Head of Primary Care area, Blekinge Region
Jörgen Köllner, Chief Nurse, Karolinska University Hospital
Katarina Bexelius, Head of Primary Care area, Skåne Region
Kristine Christiansen Rygge,  Head of Emergency development, Västa Götaland Region
Li Alemo Munters, Head of Research, The Swedish Rheumatic Society
Linda Holmström, Head of Medical Psychology, Karolinska University Hospital
Louise Hamark, Head of Primary Care, Uppsala Region
Madeleine Stark, Head of Digital Transformation, Västa Götaland Region
Malin Wendt, Head of ENT, Karolinska University Hospital
Maria Olsson, Head of Geriatrics, Capio Löwenströmska
Marlene Midtvedt, Manager Primary Car unit, Capio Strömstad
Mikael Strid, Head of Operations,  GHP Stockholm Spine Center
Pauline Rylander, Chief Nurse, Karolinska University Hospital
Sara Eklöf,Head of Hospice Care, Ersta Diaconal Society
Victoria Boklund, Head of Primary Care area, Skåne Region