Leadership and Mentoring programme

Healthcare Leadership and Mentoring Program – a tailored program that develops the foremost leaders in healthcare

Leadership and Mentoring Program constitutes the core of our activities. Each year, about twenty leaders in healthcare come together for an intensive and enriching education spanning approximately 15 days over the course of a year.

The aim of the program is to spark increased interest in leadership, provide tools, and lay the foundation for successful leadership. In addition to each participant being assigned a personal mentor with extensive knowledge in healthcare and research, we place great emphasis on mutual exchange of experiences among program participants. All participants hold leadership positions with several years of experience in the sector.

The program consists of six two-day sessions, including overnight stays, an international trip to an exciting clinic, and an individual mentoring relationship. Between the physical meetings, we offer digital workshops. Upon completion of the program, participants are welcome to join the academy’s alumni network, which provides invaluable resources for future leadership.

Usually, the program meetings take place at various healthcare providers, nearby stakeholders, and partners, all of whom contribute deep knowledge about leadership and its prerequisites. We emphasize the importance of creating meeting places that unite different sectors such as public, private, and non-profit, primary care and inpatient care, as well as different professional groups and stakeholders within healthcare. During the program meetings, concrete problems and challenges are combined with leadership development.

Mentorship is a central part of our program. It includes a personal development process where you receive support in shaping your leadership in a meaningful way according to your own goals. We attach great importance to carefully matching mentors and mentees, and the first program session includes an introduction to how a successful mentor/mentee relationship works.

Most of our participants are responsible for organizations with 30–500 employees and operate in public, private, or non-profit healthcare. We also welcome participants from nearby authorities, companies, and healthcare regions. We strive for diversity to characterize the composition of participants, including different healthcare environments (inpatient/outpatient), ownership (public/private), geography, age, and gender.

Preliminary dates and themes for 2024

January 24-25: Values and Human Leadership
March 20-21: Rhetorical Guidance and Financial Communication
April 11: Webinar. Leading with Courage
May 29-30: Attracting, Recruiting, and Retaining Staff. Sustainable Leadership
August 21-24: Study trip with a comparative perspective – lessons from others
September 25-26: Innovation and Progress in Leadership
October 23-24: Leadership in Crisis Situations and Challenging Conditions
November 27-28: Leadership under different ownership forms. Your professional future

Please register your interest for the program 2025

You are welcome to express your interest in the 2025 program. We will provide information about the program and the application process before the application period starts.

To get the most out of this qualified leadership program, active participation and your own relevant experiences are of great importance. Therefore, the academy addresses individuals who already have significant professional leadership experience and who have a clear desire and ambition to contribute to the development of Swedish healthcare and their own leadership. We prefer candidates who have a strong desire to actively share their experiences while also being receptive to others’ perspectives.

Your presence is also of great importance. If you are accepted, you are expected to be able to allocate the necessary time for the program during the year and prioritize your participation in work planning.

Admission is ongoing, so please nominate/apply early to increase your chances of being accepted into the program. The number of participants is limited to 25.